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  • Additional stock shapes and sizes are available. If you need a custom shape or size Loop-Loc Cover, please email us at info@plumperfectpools.com or call us at 631-289-POOL (7665) for a FREE do-it-yourself measuring guide, or an appointment.

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  • What exactly is a safety cover?

    A safety cover is unlike a regular solid cover in many ways. Safety covers do not let water build up on top of them like regular solid covers do because there are mesh sections that allow rainwater to pass through them, so you do not get dangerous accumulations on top of the cover that pose a potential drowning hazard. But there's more to it than that.

    A safety cover is a tightly secured, reinforced cover, that if accidentally stepped upon, will not collapse into the pool to pose a drowning hazard. Properly installed, your safety cover should be easily able to support the weight of not only one full-sized adult, but many.

    Put an end to the slimy swamp in your backyard.

    Solid pool covers allow rain, dirt and debris to collect on top. After just a few rains, they become a slippery swamp and a real hazard to anyone wandering onto them.

    No more back-breaking maintenance

    A solid cover requires constant pumping, scooping, and heavy waterbag hauling. A safety cover requires no pumping or scooping and hardly any maintenance.

    Nothing fits or looks better

    Unlike saggy, unsightly solid covers, a safety cover stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool. Any shape or size pool can have a computer designed custom safety cover made to assure a perfect fit every time. Some of our customers have actually told us their pools look better with the safety cover on instead of off !!!

    Can I use a safety all year round?

    Yes, after initial installation by a qualified installer, most safety covers can be put on a pool in only a matter of minutes. Although most customers only use their safety covers during the off-season, some customers prefer to cover their pools if they are not going to use the swimming pool for an extended period of time, going on vacation, or to protect the pool against springtime pollen or falling leaves. The filter system can still fully operate as well as the automatic cleaners with the safety cover in place.

    What about shape and size?

    Unless your pool is a standard rectangle, your safety cover will be made to fit exactly to every contour of your swimming pool. We can cover almost any pool made, and size does not matter. Standard rectangle price quotes can be given over the phone or via e-mail. For custom shapes and sizes, we can come to your house (Suffolk County, NY, USA only) to measure your pool and give you a FREE no obligation price quote.

    What brand safety cover should I get?

    When it comes to safety covers, there really is no alternative to a genuine LOOP-LOC safety cover for your swimming pool. Manufactured right here in Suffolk County, LOOP-LOC is the genuine leader in safety covers. Backed by their exclusive 10-year Limited Warranty, the LOOP-LOC safety cover is rated to outlast three to four solid covers!