• Underwater Pool Lights

  • "Very often, its the lighting that gets taken for granted. Many customers do not take into account what the right type of lighting (or any lighting at all) can do for the "look" of a pool."

    Many night-time backyard parties or events can be enhanced with a good lighting scheme in and around the pool. The most common form of underwater pool lighting is the traditional electric light fixture submersed underwater into a light niche in the pool.

  • We can also offer customers a better alternative. Fibre optics has worked its way into the poolindustry by allowing us to install fibre optic lighting both in and around your swimming pool. Fibreptic lighting kits are available for either new construction or existing construction   (a little bit more expensive if decking is already completed).

  • Hayward Pool Lighting

  • AstroLite Series Lights
    SP058015 AstroLite (Thermoplastic)
    SP0583SL30 (Stainless Steel)

    Available in a choice of attractive face rim models, from an injection-molded patterned design, made of rugged, non-corrosive glass-filled polypropylene; to a smooth, machine-polished stainless steel design, AstroLite Series light fixtures come standard in a wide range of voltages, wattages, and cord lengths to satisfy virtually any installation. Combined with Hayward's DuraNiche™ PVC niche, no other pool lighting system provides such value - all at the lowest installed cost

  • AstroLite ll™ Series Lights
    SP0590HSL15 AstroLite with SP0601 Concrete Niche.

    Hayward's AstroLite ll Series lights offer you all the quality, versatility and ease of use you would expect from Hayward, and does it all at a price that gives you the value you expect. AstroLite ll Series lights feature machine-polished stainless steel face rims, a choice of halogen or incandescent lighting, and a wide range of voltages, wattages and cord lengths. Combined with Hayward's DuraNiche™ PVC niche, they make an unparalleled value in lighting systems for all concrete or gunite spas, or for pools where a small diameter light is preferred

  • Pentair Pool Lighting

  • The Spectrum Amerlite (SAm) is the world's first submersible color light for swimming pools and spas. The Spectrum Amerlite delivers a nearly infinite palette of brilliant water colors. Custom mix a color to match the evening's mood or let SAm slowly waltz your customer's pool from color to dazzling color. With twin 4,000 hour tungsten halogen bulbs, SAm delivers white light comparable to the 300W Amerlite you have relied on for decades. SAm color synchronizes with other SAms, SALs and with the FIBERworks PG2000. "Auto-color-roll" and swimming colors effects are available when used in combination with Pentair's IntelliTouch systems. 

  • Featured Highlights

    • Swimming colors available when used with IntelliTouch System
    • Auto-color-roll w/IntelliTouch Synchronizes with PG2000
    • UL Listed in full-size Pentair Pool Products/ PacFab/American/Purex niches
    • Brilliant colors
    • Exclusive Spectrum Color Roll
    • Controlled by a single switch
    • White light equivalent of 300W Amerlite
    • 4,000 hour halogen bulb life
    • Simple 3-wire connection
    • Color synchronization standard
    • Great for new installations and for replacement of any Pentair Pool Products pool light
  • Amerlite, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, Feature a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8 in. prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with unitension clamp. Amerlites must be installed in American Products Amerlite Niches: Stainless Steel, Plastic, or the new QuickNiche.


    • World Standard of reliability
    • Stainless Steel face ring with unitension clamp
    • Superior light diffusion
    • Prismatic Tempered lens
    • Gold diffused low water cut off
    • Medium blue lenses available
    • Plastic snap-on face rings available for s/s lights
    • Three-Year Warranty


  • Amerilite with Stainless Steel Face Ring - 120 Volt

    ProductDescriptionWt. lbs. Mstr. Crtn.
    78421100350 watt 120 volt 15 ft. cord68
    78424100350 watt 120 volt 30 ft. cord88
    78428100300 watt 120 vol 50 ft. cord108
    78928300300 watt 120 volt 60 ft. cord118
    78928200300 watt 120 volt 80 ft. cord138
    78928500300 watt 120 volt 100 ft. cord158
    78441100400 watt 120 volt 15 ft. cord68
    78444100400 watt 120 volt 30 ft. cord88
    78448100400 watt 120 volt 50 ft. cord108
    78948800400 watt 120 volt 60 ft. cord118
    78949000400 watt 120 volt 80 ft. cord138
    78949100400 watt 120 volt 100 ft. cord158
    78451100500 watt 120 volt 15 ft. cord68
    78454100500 watt 120 volt 30 ft. cord88
    78458100500 watt 120 volt 50 ft. cord108
    78958400500 watt 120 volt 60 ft. cord118
    78958200500 watt 120 volt 80 ft cord138
    78456300500 watt 120 volt 100 ft. cord158