• Pool Tip - How Much Chemicals To Add To Your Pool

  • The following tables are for average residential in-ground pools up to 20' x 40'.

    For above-ground pools, large freeforms, or el shapes please adjust accordingly.

  • DE - Diatomaceous Earth

  • Filter type:Amount to add:
    Hayward EC40 filter4-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward EC-65 filter6-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward EC-75 filter7-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward 2400/2420 filter3-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward 3600/3620 filter4.5-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward 4800/4820 filter6-lbs D.E. powder
    Hayward 6000/6020 filter7.5-lbs D.E. powder
    Most 36 sq. ft. filters6-lbs D.E. powder
    Most 48 sq. ft. filters7.5-lbs D.E. powder
  • PH +/- Powder

  • If reading is:Amount to add:
    6.8 or lower12-lbs PH+ powder
    7.0 - 7.28-lbs PH+ powder
    7.44-lbs PH+ powder
    7.6 to 7.8nothing
    8.0 or higher4-lbs PH- powder
  • Alkalinity + Powder

  • If reading is:Amount to add:
    0-2012-lbs Alk+ powder
    30-508-lbs Alk+ powder
    60-904-lbs Alk+ powder
    100 or highernothing
  • Chlorine

  • If reading is:Amount to add (8 oz. tablets):
    06 tablets plus 2 gallons shock
    0.54 tablets plus 1 gallon shock
    1 or more2 tablets and no shock