• Power Vacuuming Service

  • Power Vacuum Services

    • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Service Available
    • Power Vacuum pool on same day of the week
    • We will Power Vacuum with our equipment (save wear and tear on your system)
    • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
    • Backwash filter
    • Add needed chlorine**
    • Add needed chemicals***
    • Complete written water analysis

    * Bi-weekly customers are responsible for addition of chemicals during the off weeks.
    ** Chlorine may be purchased from us, or stored in yard by customer.
    *** Chemicals may be purchased by you, or in bulk in the begining of the season, or on an as needed basis

  • Plum Perfect Pools - Medford, NY Suffolk County, Long Island

    Plum Perfect Pools services most of Suffolk County from the Nassau County border straight through to West Hampton. This season, we will again have7 radio dispatched service trucks on the road to provide continued full service to our entire region. Also, we have a compliment of three maintenance vehicles to perform our weekly and bi-weekly services.

    Our dedication to perfection will assure you that your service visit (big or small) will be performed by a qualified, knowledgeable, friendly service technician who will spend the necessary time at your service visit and be able to answer any swimming pool related questions you might have.