• Pool Tip - Daily Pool Operation

  • THE POOL FILTER should run at least 8 to 12 hours per day. (12 hours per day is the best). Set your pool timer and remember to run the pool manually if you don’t have a timer. It is better to have the filter system on during the daylight hours, not the nighttime, because the water needs to circulate during the heat of the day.

    Always make sure the skimmer baskets are empty and the openings are clear of leaves or other debris.

    Chlorine must be added to the pool water daily in one of the following ways: 

    1. PLACE two 3" slow dissolving chlorine tablets into each skimmer once per week, or if you have an automatic chlorinator, make sure the unit is full and the dial is set to a level that is giving you a proper chlorine reading. It is a good idea the test the chlorine level after the pool has finished the running cycle. 
    2. USE a floating chlorinator with slow dissolving tablets inside it. Keep the floater inside the pool at all times and refill it as needed, usually weekly. 
    3. MANUALLY add either granular chlorine or quick dissolving tablets, but this must be added daily. It is difficult to remember to do this every day and your pool clarity will suffer.