• There are several types of heating systems you can have for you swimming pool. The most common is a gas-fired (natural or propane) heater, or an oil-fired heater. There are also heat-pumps (electric) you can use, or a solar power heating system.

    Choosing the correct type of heater for your pool can be a confusing choice. Speak with one of our experts to help you choose the correct model for your pool.

  • Natural Gas Heaters- This type of heater is the easiest to operate because it is hooked up directly to an underground gas line, there is no cumbersome tank in your backyard, and you never have to worry about running out of gas before a party!

    Propane Gas Heaters- This type of heater generally works and operates exactly the same as a natural gas heater, but you need a LP (liquid propane) tank. This is the heater to get if natural gas is not available in your local area.

    Oil-Fired Heaters- This type of heater is available if you prefer to use oil instead if gas to heat your swimming pool. Oil-fired heaters generally cost twice as much as a gas-fired heater, but during the summertime, oil prices tend to drop, making oil a (possible) cheaper solution to heating in the long run.

    Heat Pumps- Since heat pumps move heat from the air to the water, rather than creating the heat from gas and then passing it to the water, it operates for only a fraction of the energy required vs. conventional heaters. A heat pump is most effective when used as a maintainer of heat. This means that although it may take weeks to bring a pool's water temperature up to a comfortable swimming level during the springtime, you would leave the heater on to maintain that temperature. Most people only turn on their gas fired heaters when the want to use the pool since they heat the pools quicker. So if slow and steady is your preference, then this would be the heater for you.

    Solar Heating Systems- Although the sun's energy is free to use, solar heating systems tend to be very costly. A typical solar heating system uses the pool filter system to pump water to solar panels on rooftops to warm the pool water before it returns to your pool. This creates a lot of wear and tear of the filter system and also increases the pressure (PSI) of the filter system dramatically. High pressure will cause pump seal leaks, can ruin filter grids, and will also cause the filter turnover rate to decrease. This means you will need to run the pool more in order to keep the water clear.

    Helpful Hint- It is highly recommended that you purchase a solar blanket in conjunction with your new heater for your pool or spa. A solar blanket does not allow your heated pool water to dissipate as quickly and is designed to utilize the sun to help heat your pool through solar rays. A solar blanket will also reduce your gas costs and keep your pool warmer - longer! (click here)

  • Hayward Pool Heaters

  • Hayward Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of fluid control equipment, including custom applications for a myriad of industrial uses, as well as advanced recirculation systems for residential swimming pools. Whenever a fluid needs to be controlled, moved, filtered, sanitized, heated or illuminated, the name "Hayward" is the one which comes to mind first.

  • Graduate to a Higher Degree of Comfort with a Hayward heated pool or spa!

    • Enjoy the most comfortable water temperatures possible
    • Start your swimming season earlier, extend it later
    • Lengthen your swimming day
    • Increase the value and cost efficiency of your pool by spreading it out over a greater period of use
  • INDUCED DRAFT FOR PRECISE AIR FLOW. Hayward H-Series heaters feature an induced draft system that constantly moves air through the combustion chamber at a precise flow rate. As a result, all outside weather variables that can effect heating performance, such as high wind conditions, are eliminated — without having to install a high wind sack

  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY. Hayward H-Series heaters are the only heaters that employ a rust-resistant water path. Unlike other models that use a heavy cast iron or costly bronze assembly, H-Series heaters are manufactured from a modern injection-molded polymer process. The benefits are lighter weight for easier installation and rust-free durability for extended product performance. 10 Year Warranty on Polymer Headers.

  • THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE. The H-Series features a high-performance flow control system that continually monitors and regulates water flow, maintaining internal temperature at a constant level. Specifically designed to deliver maximum efficiency, it assures that fuel is more efficient; and comfortable pool temperature is automatically maintained.

  • GEOMETRY THAT ADDS UP TO TOTAL COMFORT. The jet-ported burner system evenly distributes incoming fuel to precise geometric openings on each burner tube. This assures that each flame is in the most fuel-efficient position on the tube assembly. The result is superior comfort at all times.

  • GET THE MOST OUT OF EVERY BTU. The patent-pending one-inch-thick FireTile® insulated combustion chamber creates an interlocking shell that's measurably stronger, with improved heat-retention capabilities. Unlike older firebrick, FireTile® holds the heat in and doesn't allow it to escape, providing 83% thermal efficiency.

  • CONNECT WITH CPVC. The H-Series' ability to cool down quickly after heating your pool or spa to the desired temperature allows for the use of CPVC plumbing connections. This exclusive Hayward capability not only eliminates the need for expensive heat sinks and fireman switches, but also reduces time and cost at installation. As an added benefit, a CPVC connector kit is included with every H-Series heater.

  • Hayward Heat Pumps

  • The Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump can save you up to 80% in operating costs. Whether you just want to extend your swimming season or swim all year round in a warm comfortable pool, the HeatPro Heat Pump could pay for itself in one year with the operating cost savings. With the ArmourCoil™ protected heat exchanger, HeatPro Heat Pumps from Hayward give you the perfect water temperature without a big increase in your power bill. The HeatPro line from Hayward is the perfect addition to your in-ground swimming pool or spa.

    Heat Pump for In Ground Pools & Spas
    Because it is primarily moving heat (from the air to the water), rather than creating it (as a gas flame must do, inefficiently), the HeatPro pool heater operates for only a fraction of the energy required by conventional heaters. The Hayward Heatpro heater operates at a savings of 75%-80% less than propane (LP) gas and 50%-55% less than natural gas, based on national average prices. Only a small amount of electricity is used to operate a fan which pulls the warm air through the evaporator where it gives up its heat, converting the liquid refrigerant to a gas. A small amount of electricity is used to operate the compressor which compress the gas to a higher temperature. This hot gas gives up its heat in the condenser (heat exchanger) to the water, condensing back to a liquid to repeat the cycle.

    ArmourCoil™ protected heat exchange technology at work.
    Hayward builds a heat exchanger that completely heats all the water without allowing corrosive water to touch metal anywhere within the heat pump. HeatPro`s ArmourCoil™ protected heat exchanger allows the water passing through the system to be heated and returned to the pool. Unlike copper heat exchangers, the ArmourCoil™ heat exchanger is protected with an exclusive coating that isolates the metal from damaging water, preventing corrosion and scaling and providing a longer life for your heat pump.