• Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • Hayward manufactures automatic pool cleaners for in-ground and above ground pools. Hayward pool cleaners are the most efficient automatic pool cleaners available.

    • Automatically vacuums microscopic dust to large leaves and debris
    • Patented SmartDriveTM programmed steering
    • Durable construction
    • No energy consuming booster pump
    • No debris bags to empty
  • Navigator® 905 Series Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • THE CLEANER THAT KNOWS WHERE IT'S GOING. The Navigator is truly a smarter cleaner. Employing our exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering, Navigator system automatically attacks every square inch of your swimming pool. Cleaning it quickly & more effectively than the random-pattern movements of unintelligent automatic pool vacuums.

  • ONE VORACIOUS APPETITE FOR DIRT AND DEBRIS. Navigator features a newly designed expandable throat. Which means it can easily capture and vacuum larger debris such as leaves and twigs in your pool - taking an even larger bite out of pool cleaning maintenance.

  • THIS CREATURE HAS ADVANCED FEATURES. Thanks to its intelligent design and durable construction, Navigator provides you with easy, trouble-free operation. You never need to empty or replace debris bags. And because it runs off your existing filtration system, you don't need an energy-consuming booster pump.

  • EXCELLENCE BACKED BY A HERITAGE OF LEADERSHIP. When you choose Navigator, you do not only select superb technology, you also benefit from the knowledge and commitment that the industry's leading manufacturer can provide. Only Hayward the compatibility of The Total Hayward System - a comprehensive family of quality-designed and precision-crafted recirculation products.

  • And if your in-ground pool is a vinyl-liner style without a main drain, Navigator will improve circulation by pulling water from the bottom as it moves around the pool, acting as a moving main drain to keep your water cleaner and fresher.

    An easy-to-follow instructional videotape and booklet are provided to help you install Navigator yourself in less than ten minutes-without using a single tool.

  • CHART A COURSE TO CLEARER WATERS. So relax. And start enjoying the benefits of automatic pool cleaning care from Hayward with the Navigator. Backed up with our exclusive 5-year limited warranty for total customer satisfaction. With a five year warranty you absolutely can't go wrong. Why don't you turn one loose in your pool today and enjoy watching it clean your pool for you.

  • AquaBug® Series Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • YOU'LL NEVER BE BUGGED BY MANUAL POOL CLEANING AGAIN. The AquaBug provides you with easy, trouble-free operation. You never need to empty or replace debris bags. That feature alone will save you many hours during the season.

    And because AquaBug works with your existing filtration system - no extra energy-consuming booster pump is required. Everything for simple 10 minutes or less installation is included - even the hoses.

  • THIS BUG LOVES TO CIRCULATE. Plus, AquaBug improves water circulation by acting as a moving main drain, pulling water from the bottom of your pool as it moves. Your water circulates and your pool stays cleaner - without the overuse of chemical sanitizers.

  • IT'S GOT A FACE YOU'LL GROW TO LOVE. The AquaBug automatic pool cleaner from Hayward is a hard little worker, spending all it's time cleaning your pool. After you see how easily and effortlessly it keeps your pool clean, it will be love at first site.